2024 Healing Stream Centre

Be Inspired


The Bible reveals that God desires his children to be healthy. Over many years we have seen how the Word of God is able to impact the lives of those suffering from sickness or depression.

The Faith Clinic Ministry of Healing Stream Centre is designed to build faith in the people of God through the Word and fervent prayers. We teach people on how to unleash God’s supernatural healing power in their lives.

Are you sick, oppressed and depressed? Come to our Faith Clinic. We have seen God doing amazing miracles in the lives of many who attend.

Our Faith Clinic holds every Thursday at 7:00pm.


Simply Worship is a ministry that seeks to build a platform for the presence and glory of God. It creates a worshipful atmosphere for people to experience God’s tangible presence in their lives.

This event is hosted by RCCG Healing Stream Centre and featuring renowned gospel artists around the world. Please join us on July 26, 2019 at 7:00PM for an exciting time in God’s presence!


Working Word Conference is hosted annually by Healing Stream Centre. A highlight of this year featuring anointed Guest Speakers, a powerful ministry of the Word, outstanding Worship and highly acclaimed Guest Artists.
Join us from July 26 and 28, 2019 as we worship and feast on the Word that breaks chains. Come and experience the Kingdom Power and Glory. You will not leave the same!


Total Women is the women’s ministry of Healing Stream Centre. The ministry is strategically designed to strengthen family life and reinforce the truth of the uniqueness of women in creation. We believe from God’s word that a woman is an answer from God to her home and the world as a whole.

Total Women is an awakening for the mind and the soul of every woman to take her place in destiny. We inspire all women to realize their high callings as the Answers the World is waiting for!