2024 Healing Stream Centre


Music and Technical Ministry

Music and Technical Ministry of Healing Stream Centre meets the music needs and provides all technical support for the Church. The ministry includes music, drama and technical.


Healing Stream Voices:

The Healing Stream Voices helps create an atmosphere of worship and high praise by inspiring worshippers into God’s presence and enabling the flow of the Holy Spirit in our services. Here in Healing Stream, we believe that true worship is not just words or instruments but it is an attitude. With all eagerness we are always delighted to offer our heartfelt and passionate worship to God all the time.


Technical Department:

The Technical department is a key part of the Church. If it weren’t for these teams of talented individuals, we would be without sound, lights, media, video and special effects…all of the things that make a service run smoothly.

Contact us by calling the office 5pm – 7pm Monday to Friday or send us an email.
Call: (519) 781-9332 or email us at: