2024 Healing Stream Centre


Protocol, Ushering and Transportation

A first impression in any organization is very important, as it lives a long lasting image or experience of an individual or that organization. The protocol team are there to welcome guests, giving them an excellent impression of Healing Stream Centre with outstanding love and care. The ministry also carries out routine protocol duties during church services or meetings. This group of people are responsible for the pre and post visit planning and reception for visiting ministers and/or guests. They are equally responsible for planning and executing the travel itinerary of the pastorate as the needs arises.


The ushering team creates a friendly and accommodating atmosphere for everyone who steps into the doors of Healing Stream Centre. The team also makes sure that no one feels unimportant and that everyone receives a warm handshake and/or a warm hug as they come in. Additionally, the team helps to create order in the house of God by organizing proper seating arrangement and directing people to their seats. They also make sure that there is no loitering in or around the sanctuary by providing standby services for all who have questions or need directions to anyplace within the church.


The transportation ministry is aimed at providing transportation service for individuals and families that need a ride to and from the Church on service days.

Contact us by calling the office 5pm – 7pm Monday to Friday or send us an email.
Call: (519) 781-9332 or email us at: