2024 Healing Stream Centre

We Care

Our Community is Our Priority

The Community Services Programs of Healing Stream Centre is centered on making positive impacts that affect different categories of people in the community. Healing Stream Centre is committed to ensuring our communities are safe and every individual and family discover the road that leads to wellness and wholeness.

Supporting the Youth and Children is top Priority

Chief Among Programs Goals Are The Following:


Feeding and Relief Materials: We provide Food and Relief material for people going through difficult times, especially the people in Waterloo region.


Free Counseling and Spiritual Direction Services: We provide free counseling spiritual direction services to individuals, couples (pre-marital, marital and post-marital), and families who seek support as they work through life and difficult circumstances.


Accommodation: We provide assistance in terms of accommodation and other support to help students and new immigrants that are just coming into the country.


Motivational and Inspirational Speeches: We inspire people to have hope in hopeless situations, peace amidst turbulent times, and the courage to always look forward to a great and beautiful tomorrow.

Contact us by calling the office 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday or send us an email.
Call: (226) 6471080 or email us at: